Spiritual Roots

The History Of The Ouija Board

The Spirit Board Or Ouija Board

The spirit board was borne of the belief that people might communicate with the spirits of the dead. The spirit board or Ouija as it was known, began based on the history of the talking board. Such an occurrence where live human being might make active communication with their long gone companions was received with fantastic enthusiasm and this, not just did it intrigue many people but it enraptured them to understand that such a contact with spirits of the dead could even be made.

ouija boardThere was the development of lots of interesting methods which the dead’s spirits used the mediums to interact to the living. The ones who sought to communicate with the spirits of the dead, would lightly put their fingers on the table and as a message came through from the world of the dead, the table would tip over and knock upon the flooring on the letters of the alphabet that had actually been called. The mediums might utilize less noisy approaches of communication with the spirits of the dead through jotting done of the messages which came throughout from the land of the dead through the channeling mediums.

The challenge that accompanied the discovery of the planchette was the problem it postured in composing for it ended up being an extremely difficult challenge simply keeping the planchette lodged onto the piece of paper upon which the writing was to be made. The challenges the mediums dealt with in getting the messages written down had them coming up with a vast array of gizmos with alphanumeric characters accompanied by their odd looking pointers and needles. In about 1890, there was exactly what was now referred to as the talking board which had a tip onto the alphanumeric characters that were being transported from the spirit through the medium. Later, the board was converted into a board onto which the letter of the alphabet had been engraved and the planchette to move over the board as the mediums get details from the spirits of the dead.

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