Kill Fleas Naturally

Having fleas in your home is both annoying and dangerous for you, your family, and the pets. Like every living being, fleas also have their own suitable environmental conditions to develop and grow. Ideally, warm weather is the most suitable condition for the fleas to reproduce in great numbers, but that does not mean that fleas can’t reproduce or grow in cold climate. But no matter the season, now you can control and eliminate the population of irritating fleas in your home by using effective and long-term natural methods. So, let’s get to know them right away!

Natural Ways to Kill Fleas in Your Home -:

Using Pennyroyal Plant Oil:


Pennyroyal plant (Mentha pulegium) is widely regarded as one of the most effective gifts of mother nature against fighting fleas, both in your home and pets. Pennyroyal plant contains such potions that are extremely insect repellent and a great post-flea bit remedial solution. You can crush its leaves and apply its ointment onto the hairs of your cats, dogs, and other hairy pets at home. Additionally, you can plant Pennyroyal around your home to discourage the growth and coming of fleas inside. However, Pennyroyal plant oil is similar to having a poisonous effect and that is why it is recommended that you use this plant be used carefully and cautiously. Make sure that a direct contact with your pets and kids at home is avoided.

Vinegar Spray:


Vinegar is another age-old effective natural solution against fleas, bacteria, ticks, wounds, and several other things. Vinegar is still one of the most effective natural suppressants for fleas in your home and your pets. Specifically speaking about the distilled white vinegar, which has the most antiseptic qualities in all forms of vinegar; add ¼ white vinegar, ¾ water, and one tablespoon dish soap in a spray bottle to get rid of fleas in your home. Spray this mixture all over your fabrics, carpets, pet beddings, and in the corners of your home to effectively finish off fleas.

Using an Organic Fabric Solution:


This right here is another effective method, which is specially used to locate the hotbeds of ticks and fleas in your home. What this will do is to actually help curb, and eventually, put a halt on the growth of fleas in your home. This solution will entail the use of a specially made organic suiting on which the fleas and ticks will stick automatically. Once the fleas and their eggs stuck to the fabric, you may safely dispose the garment outside and then use an insecticide to finish the rest of the scattered population inside your home, finally putting an end to the total colony of fleas in your home.

Conclusion -:

We hope that these natural methods for curbing, and eventually finishing off the population fleas in your home, will prove to be a great asset for you in every season of the year. Let us know your opinion about the ways we have disclosed here, how they helped you, and if any of these did not work out for you? Please share this article with others if it has been of help to you 😊

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