A Guide To Dentist Payment Options

We don’t have to tell you how important it is to stay regular when it comes to visiting your dentist.  It’s precisely because we ‘re dentists here at Martindale Dental, that we appreciate the effort that is sometimes required for our patients to come see us.  That effort is both with their time and of course financially.  We also know that amongst excuses like time constraints, anxiety and fear of the dentist, the cost is often prohibitive, meaning we don’t see our patients as much as we should.  That’s why as with most dentists, we do our best to help patients afford the dental work they need to keep their mouth and smile healthy.

Why are dental services so expensive?

We’re dentists in Burlington and St. Catharines so we get it – our profession is expensive – we’ve heard the complaints and seen the frustration first hand.  We hear you, but it’s important to consider that dental care is actually much less expensive than many other medical expenses.  That’s not a rationalization but it does show that our industry is committed to patient health and keeping costs as low as we can.  As a profession, dentists and clinic staff are all highly trained professionals using specialized technology.  The necessary equipment is all very expensive to purchase, maintain and keep updated so that the best care can be provided.  Then there’s also the dental office locations and furnishings like dentist chairs, sinks, tvs etc, which are usually in nicer commercial units that also cost a small fortune to operate.  Another often overlooked factor is that independent clinics like ours don’t actually set the pricing, rather the Ontario College of Dental Surgeons puts forth pricing guidelines to ensure that prices are similar across the board and kept fair for our patients.  Our clinics offer promotions and discounts as much as we can, but plain and simple, dental work can be expensive.

It’s not medical – it’s dental!

Insurance and dental care seem to have a bit of a love-hate relationship.  We find that some of our customers complain about what isn’t covered under their medical insurance.  Unfortunately, dental care is often deemed surplus and that if patients take care of their oral health (by brushing and flossing regularly), most dental visits can be avoided.  A dental care routine can minimize required dental work, however, even with the best oral care routine, a check-up and cleaning is absolutely necessary at least twice a year.  Our team is constantly lobbying for more liberal insurance inclusions, but the fact remains, that dental care is required for a healthy mouth.

Dental Insurance and Payment Plans

If you need dental care then there’s most likely a way to make it work financially.  We can’t speak for all clinics (or treatments) but we always try to keep costs as low as possible and to offer dental payment plans when an easy insurance claim isn’t an option.  We offer transparent pricing and billing so our patients are never caught off guard by how much a treatment will cost.  It’s important to figure out what insurance coverage a patient has beforehand and work out an appropriate treatment plan.

Where should I begin?

If you’re new to our clinic, it’s important that we sit down for a consultation meeting to figure out where your oral care should begin.  Don’t be scared of the fee because check-ups, x-rays and cleanings are more affordable than you might think.  Speak with one of our dentists to find out how to get the most out of your oral health care program and get started towards the smile you want.

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