Bubonic Plague From Fleas Alive and Well

We all recognize how bothersome fleas can be. No one wants them in their home and the very thought that fleas could cause potentially lethal consequences is often so far from reality. However, in certain areas of the USA, it is reality and fleas have been found carrying “The Bubonic Plague.”

The Washingtonpost reports this morning that;

A boy in Idaho is recovering after contracting plague — the first human case in the state in more than two decades, health officials say.

Christine Myron, a spokeswoman for the Central District Health Department, said Wednesday that the child, who has not been publicly identified, is back home in Elmore County and “doing well” after being treated with antibiotics in the hospital. The child became ill late last month and, earlier this week, health authorities received laboratory confirmation that he had bubonic plague, Myron said.

This is just one example of how dangerous a flea infestation can be and it’s not like you can tell which flea is carrying a potentially lethal disease. It is therefore fundamentally important that you take flea control seriously.

Bubonic Plague Symptoms

Symptoms of the plague include headache, fever, chills, extreme weakness and possibly other complications. According to Sarah Correll, an epidemioogist with the Central District Health Department, who said;

“People can decrease their risk by treating their pets for fleas and avoiding contact with wildlife,” Correll said. “Wear insect repellent, long pants and socks when visiting plague affected areas.” via

So againm this can happen in your home or outdoors, from your pets or other animals that your pets interract with.

Be Vigilant When It Comes To Flea Control

The Cdc recommends;


  • Reduce rodent habitat around your home, workplace and recreational areas.
  • Wear gloves if you are handling or skinning potentially infected animals to prevent contact between your skin and the plague bacteria.
  • Use repellent if you think you could be exposed to rodent fleas during activities such as camping, hiking or working outdoors.
  • Keep fleas off your pets by applying flea-control products.
  • Do not allow dogs or cats that roam free in endemic areas to sleep on your bed.

Flea Control In Your Home

What many people are forgetting is that even if you have flea control on your pet, sometimes its successful and sometimes it fails and often those eggs that you miss that fall into those tiny crevices and fibres in your home, will hatch and then you have a flea problem.

It is important that you take it seriously and use a proper regime to get rid of fleas fast in your home. Remember it only takes one bite to pass a potentially lethal disease to you.

Just as an asside to place the facts in frot of you on how serious this can be, in the mid 1300’s “The Black Death” known as the Plague wiped out one third of the European Population and yes, it came from fleas. Also, there is no current plague vaccine available at the moment.




Bubonic plague: Child in Idaho has first human case in the state in 26 years

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